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Can I change my order? If yes, how?

You can modify your order if you contact us as soon as you receive the order confirmation email.send us a message to

I didn't receive a confirmation email, what can I do?

If you still haven't received a confirmation email one hour after placing your order, please contact us at

Is the payment on the site secure?

Payment processing on our platform is 100% secure. You don't have to worry about anything.

What should I do if I do not receive the right product or if the product is damaged?

We apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact us at and we will do our best to make you forget this bad experience.

How do I return or exchange a product?

Unfortunately it is not possible to return or exchange your perfume. For all claims, please write to us at


Is the delivery free?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders. That's how we are at Maison Matine.

In which geographical area does Maison Matine deliver?

We deliver in metropolitan France and the rest of Europe.

Can I track my package?

Yes, we will give you the tracking number as soon as your package is shipped.

What if my tracking number does not work?

Sorry for this little inconvenience. Please contact us at and we will make the necessary verifications.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery times are 5 to 10 business days on average.

What are the accepted means of payment?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.


Is there alcohol in the perfumes?

Yes, our perfumes contain organic wheat alcohol. If you have any questions about the content of our fragrances, please do not hesitate to ask us at

How long can I keep my perfume once opened?

There is no limit of use, the perfume can become more intense with time and maturation. The color also evolves but without risk to use.

How can I optimize the conservation of my perfume?

Do not leave your perfume in the sun and keep it away from heat.