Quel est le juste prix du parfum

How do we make affordable niche perfumes at Maison Matine?

We often wonder why some perfumes are so expensive, and what is hidden behind the prices charged on the shelves of perfumeries.

To answer all your questions as clearly as possible, we will explain to you what is taken into account in the price of a perfume!

Follow us, we tell you everything :)

The cost of a perfume formula


First point of importance: the formula of the perfume! What perfumers call “the juice”, which is the fragrant concentrate, has a price that can vary between a few euros, and hundreds (even thousands for exceptional fragrances) of euros per kilo. This concentrate is then diluted with alcohol before being put in your favorite bottle. These price differences are explained by the choice of raw materials and the quantity used in the composition of the perfume. Some rare natural materials can reach hundreds of thousands of euros per kilo. Iris, for example, requires a lot of raw material and time (several years of drying the plant), to obtain the fragrant essence of the plant, and 1kg of this essential oil can cost around €100,000. The composition of the perfume therefore plays a huge role in its final price.




At Maison Matine , this is the only point on which we have refused to make any sacrifices! We want to offer perfumes at fair prices, but always high quality perfumes. Our perfumes therefore contain noble natural materials, as well as synthetic elements to enhance them and combine quality and creativity.

Bottle + packaging + distribution = $$


The bottle doesn't matter, as long as you're drunk ”, yes, but in the meantime, the more the bottles are different, unique, of particular shapes, the more expensive it is! Indeed, the glass part of the bottles is molded at the glass manufacturer, and the production of the base mold has a (high) cost. When assembling a perfume, the more convoluted the shapes of the bottles, the longer it takes to fill it, put the pump, the cap, clean it, etc.

We have therefore chosen to use a single shape for all our bottles, in order to create only one mould: this allows us to reduce the cost of our production, and to simplify assembly. Moreover, we like that our perfumes all have the same simple and refined form, but are differentiated by our graphics so recognizable! Like what, no need to make perfumes in complicated formats to remain original.

Maison Matine fragrance graphics

Regarding the distribution of perfumes, and therefore the places where they are sold, we have made another particular choice: that of selling only on the internet, and in our partner shops. We don't have a Maison Matine physical store at the moment: having your own place of distribution is a huge expense which, for small brands like ours, inevitably affects the selling price, and that, we didn't want!

The impact of marketing

You probably already know this, but a large part of the price of a perfume can be explained by the marketing expenses of the brand to make its product known. The big launch parties, the TV and poster advertising campaigns, but also the choice of having a muse associated with the perfume, all these communication expenses are reflected in the price of the perfume. And you guessed it: with us, none of that! You don't see us on TV, because our communication is reserved for social networks, which allows us to be close to you and to exchange regular messages together: with a reduced community, qualitative exchanges! As for the muses to represent our perfumes, we think that the best is you <3

After all this information, (we hope you didn't fall asleep in the middle!) we hope you understand a little better how we manage to offer you quality, original perfumes, and always at fair prices! And do not hesitate to send us a quick note on the networks to discuss, we love it :)

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