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Bergamot in perfume

Bergamot all the way!

In our ingredients saga, we wanted to tell you about bergamot, which is a key ingredient that has been used for a very long time in perfumery.

Did you know that bergamot is the fruit of the bergamot tree, a hybrid of the lemon tree and the bitter orange tree (orange tree)? It's a perfect blend of lime and bitter orange!

Indeed, it looks like a small green orange, with a lumpy and quite thick skin, which turns yellow when ripe. Its fragrance is both floral and sparkling like citrus fruits.

Very popular with perfumers, bergamot is also very successful in cosmetics and food, and it is recognized for its great medicinal properties (antiseptic, calming, anti-spasmodic, fight against insomnia, etc.)




In addition, for those with a sweet tooth, know that bergamot is also very famous thanks to small candies called “ Nancy bergamot ”, translucent, square, and slightly tart, they have made Lorraine famous.

Mainly cultivated in the south of Italy in Calabria (Italy), it is there that the great perfumers come to seek this citrus fruit whose essential oil is used in the composition of perfumes. The region alone accounts for 95% of world production of bergamot for the perfume industry.


The essential bergamot


Bergamot, with its sweet and zesty smell, is also called "the fine flower of citrus", in reference to the "hesperidae" family, perfumes with citrus, tangy and lemony scents. Only the zest of the fruit is used in perfumery, it is cold extracted from the fruit, and this makes it possible to obtain an essential oil which retains all the power of its characteristic and unique fragrance!

Bergamot is an essential ingredient in perfumery and it has managed to find a place in the most prestigious perfumes. It is mainly present in the top notes of perfumes (those that evaporate first) and brings them freshness and liveliness.

Bergamot thus blends perfectly with any type of perfumed, floral, oriental, musky or chypre accord, allowing great freedom of expression and creativity for perfumers.

The scent of bergamot can even be a perfume on its own, and perfumers do not hesitate to make it the majority in certain cologne formulas!


The perfect match


At Maison Matine , bergamot is an ingredient that we particularly like. Present in our best-selling Bain de Midi , it brings a delicious slightly fruity, tangy and tonic touch. Associated with the floral notes of ylang ylang, gardenia and tiare flower, bergamot reveals all the audacity of our soft and casual creation.

And as we like its daring side, we have also selected the Rolls Royce of bergamot for our new Nature Insolente creation, which gives it a summery freshness matched with our pretty floral green tea.


Quality Sourcing


Maison Matine and our perfumers at Firmenich have selected fruits from Naturals Together , a family business that respects criteria of quality, naturalness and favorable working conditions for farmers. Harvested exclusively in Calabria, Italian orchards are a source of superior quality and a sign of environmentally friendly work. Everything we love about Maison Matine .

So, would you like a little more bergamot?







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