Graphic perfumes

Graphic perfumes

In a changing society, which questions itself every day, the offers and promises of brands must reinvent themselves to support the aspirations of consumers.

Graphic perfumes evolve and reinvent themselves according to the shared inspirations of perfumers, graphic designers and the community of customers, unlike traditional perfumes whose image is still largely based on a promise of success, power, beauty and above all seduction.

Maison Matine is part of this trend.



Maison Matine graphic perfumes are mutinying and proposing a new era of perfume, creativity, generosity and responsibility.

The examples of graphic perfumes generally appear ephemerally during limited editions, which make it possible to animate the existing offer by limiting the investments of the brands.

Lacoste collaborates with Artists regularly, the Huile prodigieuse Nuxe is another example,

Some historical brands offer illustrations inspired by a revisited and modernized past to feed the consumer's imagination. Historical references to explorers, inspiring and fantasized eras where ingredients and universes are illustrated like herbaria and encyclopedias of given times.

The most remarkable illustrative brands being: Diptyque, the convent of the minims, Mémo...

Or in a more regional and traditional way, Fragonard.

A certain contemporary radicalism has appeared through precursor brands such as: Comme des Garçons, Histoires de Parfum, Etat Libre d'orange...


Maison Matine is part of this global movement and shares its values, desires and creativity in its graphic collection. Above all, the brand takes pleasure in instilling positive emotions and daily pleasures through the scenes it creates for each of its fragrances.

Perfumes narrate and illustrate everyday pleasures, moments of life, colorful aspirations.

> Midday bath , to enjoy the present moment,

> Chance bazaar , an ode to the serendipity and creativity in each of us,

> Into the wild , invitation to discover the world around us,

> Spirit of contradiction , reveals the desire for commitments and contradictions of our time,

> Before the storm , questions a paradoxical world where quinoa and drugs are consumed alternately,

> Warni Warni , “come to me” in Arabic is an invitation to meet and share in a cosmopolitan world.

The olfactory experience is nourished, enriched by the illustrations of our graphic designer and becomes polysensory to feed everyone's imagination. The sense of smell appeals to memories while the visual appeals to living memory. The blend produces a compendium of original and surprising sensations and emotions. Curiosity, creativity and generosity!

A perfume of its own,

The Consumer by choosing his perfume expresses, asserts his creativity, his individuality.

The bottle becomes his own, he brings the illustration into the intimate universe of the bathrooms which finally take on color. The object beyond its olfactory and personal function becomes a source of imagination and positive everyday life.

A perfume to share,

To offer an illustrated perfume is to multiply its chances of pleasing, telling a shared or dreamed story.

The illustrations and stories told by Maison Matine add meaning and content to the perfume, which is sometimes too intimate to be offered simply.

An Immune Perfume,

In a post-Covid world, graphic perfumes reveal a new advantage for the most anxious...

The graphic appeals, attracts and is shared on social networks for an online purchase in complete immunity.

A Committed Perfume,

The pre-existing “standard” shaped bottle becomes the blank page on which to illustrate and reveal the perfume.

No need to design and produce a bottle ingot, shoe, lipstick or adorned with gold and polluting plastic.

The glass frame used for the whole collection saves new pieces and the molds to make them.

A Perfume in motion,

Graphic perfumes evolve and reinvent themselves according to the shared inspirations of perfumers, our graphic designers and the Maison Matine community.

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